Life As A Man

from by IAN

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The "life of the conflicted man." Or, "why I don't identify as one."


when i threw out all your trust
and i became no different
than any other man?

now, let me tell you about my face
and how it began to twitch
or i could slip into great detail
about the things i concern myself with— like say, for instance:

what are we doing on this earth?
we should be going back and forth
between the stars above and here

but you won’t believe me
and i guess that’s just a fact
that i’ll have to live with.

so if i’ve got problems
then could my problems
be because i am a man?
well, i don’t think they can...

and still i wander back and forth
trying to get back to you
or wherever, wherever i can

and i don’t understand
what it means these days
if i call myself a man
but i don’t think i can

you know, i feel it bubble up sometimes
i can’t help it that
walls get in the way

and if i fuck up my knuckles it doesn’t mean that i could ever stop loving you, my dear

and i don’t mean to scare you,
but now—this is the dawning of
my life as a man
my life as a new man

and if you see what i mean
then you know i ain’t kidding

but i swear now and then
to keep my head on straight and tight

ooh, well i don’t mean to scare you now
and ooh, it’s hard to see you frightened now
but ooh, i’m trying to take my blinders off

i don’t see this
i don’t see life
i just see me
if i see anything at all

i don’t see this
i don’t see life
i could see you
if i saw anything at all

if i could see this

i would live life

i could be you

i could be
anything that i wanted to be

and it’s safer to say
that i’m living in fear

in the world of a man

as i do all i can

to make a good name

in the eyes of a fellow man


from LANGUAGE, released June 23, 2013



all rights reserved


IAN Chicago, Illinois

A miniature T-Shirt flaps in the wind, and, much like the trail of a snail, a wayward eyeball makes its way to the windshield.

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