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Eponymous. In sections.


ran out of tin (your wavy hair)
what is left to drum upon?
bell for the time (straight hair)
hit single, good day, low bog, mm-hmm
tightly wrapped, heart like a mummy
is tut enough to believe?

(say no to your emotions)

stay to the side,
and think like an egg

(say no to your emotions)

you can say no to your emotions,
but say yes to everything else

but in the disembodied arms of a pop song
i wake up screaming
(ooh, it’s what i do)

you think of death and hanging
you keep only the most
tenuous of relationships at your side
boxing up your heart, it’s like that book
but instead of a bucket, it’s me
take out your pen,
and do yourself a favor—
put it in your eye
you’ve seen enough

(say no to your emotions)

ooh, if you only knew
what i go through
every morning
in my mind
every morning

(say no to your emotions)

(back in the disembodied arms of a popsong)
whose arms are they anyways?

(held in the disembodied arms of a popsong)
whose arms could they be,
i wonder
whose arms could they be?

(free from the disembodied arms of a popsong)

i wake up screaming

how do i always get it wrong?

i’ve got to fight the future inside me

oh yeah, and there rows of houses
they are there
i can't control that
what is there to be nervous about this time?
you're stupid, you know that already
buildings on top of buildings
be careful, you're an idiot,
i feel nothing
i guess i really had doubts,
but at this point,
cast fully in hindsight,
a ladder leads to nothing
in full hindsight, well,
it just doesn't make sense correctly
this feels terrible in some way,
turn into the sun
fooled again, failed in all i do, why can't i figure it out?
maybe i just like the attention
you think and think that maybe
you could fall back in and out
but you can't, because you ruined it with
your stupid fucking questions
she just does what she wants to do!
you probably just like the attention
you can tell the same lies, though you're a horrible liar
i wish it never happened
fuck you and your ghost town!
how do i always do it wrong?
how do i always do it wrong?
(regret, regret)
you can pretend for five hours
pretend you're in a secret world
like always,
how do i always do it wrong?

i can be mad at myself
but i can also be mad at you
i can also be mad at you


from LANGUAGE, released June 23, 2013



all rights reserved


IAN Chicago, Illinois

A miniature T-Shirt flaps in the wind, and, much like the trail of a snail, a wayward eyeball makes its way to the windshield.

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